The Importance of competitor Analysis in Marketing 

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Competitor analysis and competitor benchmarking

Competitive benchmarking helps companies determine where they stand with respect to their competitors and assesses how well they are performing against them in various areas such as pricing strategy or customer service standards.

Competitive benchmarking consists of two main parts: competitor analysis and competitor benchmarking. Competitor analysis allows CI professionals to identify their competitors and their strengths and weaknesses while competitor benchmarking provides a method for measuring how well an organization is doing compared with its competitors.

What is competitor analysis? 

Competitor analysis is a method of analyzing information about your competitors’ products, services, and marketing strategies. It can help you identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities for improvement in your own business.

What is competitor benchmarking? 

Competitive benchmarking refers to the process of comparing your business against others in the same industry or sector. This allows you to see how well your organization measures up against other companies based on certain key performance indicators (KPIs). Further, benchmarking helps identify opportunities.

The importance of competitor analysis

Competitive benchmarking is a process that allows organizations to evaluate their positioning within their industry. The primary goal of competitor analysis is to understand an organization’s role within its industry so that it can make informed decisions about strategy, tactics, and operations by identifying where improvements can be made. Competitor analysis also helps companies predict future trends in the marketplace so that they can take action before others do.

Competitive benchmarking is used in many industries as a way of measuring performance against other companies that do similar work or provide similar products or services. For example, if you own an ice cream shop, you may want to know how much money other ice cream shops are making so that you can know whether or not your business needs improvement in certain areas (such as advertising).

Competitive analysis in marketing

The primary goal of competitor analysis is to understand an organization’s role within its market so that it can make informed decisions about strategy, tactics, and operations by identifying where improvements can be made. Competitor analysis also helps companies predict future trends in the marketplace so that they can take action before others do.

Competitor analysis methods

Competitive Benchmarking is defined as an activity used by competitive intelligence (CI) professionals to evaluate their company’s position in relation to its competitors. The process involves creating a profile of an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). It can be difficult for organizations to measure themselves against their competitors due to cost, but it is often the best way to truly understand how the organization may rank among its peers.

Types of competitive Benchmarking

Benchmarking is performed in three ways: 

Process Benchmarking

This helps in making your process more efficient by providing you with an understanding of how competitors complete a process.

Strategic benchmarking

This helps companies to compare their business models with that of their competitors and provide them insights into the competitor’s business approaches. 

Performance benchmarking

This tracks the performance of the companies by comparing anything from their revenue growth to social media performance. This type of benchmarking is based on the outcomes.

Benefits of competitor benchmarking and analysis 

The insights obtained from the competitors benchmarking help to create a set of achievable goals compared with the competitors, and identification of opportunities.

Set achievable goals

This helps you set goals based on the understanding of a set of metrics that help in the growth of the company’s business. This provides insights into how your company should actually behave online. 

Identify new opportunities 

Benchmarking analysis helps create new ideas and opportunities, once you are aware of who your competitors are, and how they rank, and once you have identified the set of metrics, you can keep a track of every competitor’s products and innovations.

The competitive benchmarking analysis report

The competitive benchmarking analysis report contains results including the rate metrics, the potential competitors, and an analysis of where your company stands in comparison with the competitors 


Competitive benchmarking is an essential part of any competitive intelligence strategy. It allows companies to understand their position in relation to their peers and make better decisions about their own organization’s future. The best way to do this is by performing competitor analysis and benchmarking so that they can measure themselves against competitors’ strengths and weaknesses while also identifying opportunities within the marketplace that others might not see yet.

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