Applications of ChatGPT Innovations


ChatGPT is an AI-enabled chatbot launched by OpenAI. This is built on top of GPT 3.5, which harnesses both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques that increase the model’s performance. With its utmost accuracy, the highly intelligent system of ChatGPT has already drawn immense attention. Consequently, we see a surge of ChatGPT applications around the different environments. With that said, here are a few viable ChatGPT applications.

Application in Software Development.

ChatGpt can be applied in the process of software development. The chatbot discloses a method wherein it provides a snippet of an accurate problem statement. For instance, when searching ‘find a unique element in two arrays in java’, the result generated by ChatGpat was not just the output of the code but also provided an underlying explanation of the code. What makes ChatGpt stand out from other applications is that the answers given by the searched questions are on point and accurate.

Build an AI-Based Startup or Application

ChatGPT enables a user to build Artificial Intelligence (AI) based company-like consulting services or use an element of ChatGPT in an existing fashion. One can offer chatbot services to businesses, create a chatbot template that can be customized by other users and sell it on a platform like OpenAI API Marketplace, promote products or services, generate information from potential customers, and use that information to generate leads for the business. Thus, depending on the business needs and goals, one may implement ChatGPT in the business. It also provides users with a manual or tutorial to build software which enables not just a developer or programmer but also a layman to build a fully functional tool. Accordingly, innovative companies use ChatGPT for developing a strong AI patent portfolio.

Application in a Software Company to Debug Code

Developers often find themselves stuck in the complex process of finding single or multiple errors in the code. This process is called debugging, wherein the software is run in a controlled environment, and developers check the code line by line to analyze and fix errors. Tools for this purpose are not easily accessible; even if it is, they are complex to implement. Fortunately, ChatGPT can be an excellent tool for developers to find errors or bugs in the source code with a single click. Not only can the application debug the code, but also provides a solution to fix that error. For instance, for the code, 

“public class SumOfNumbers1


Public static void main(Strain args[])


Int n1 = 225, n2 = 115, sum

Sum = n1 + n2

Sysytem.out.printIn(“The sum of numbers is: “+sum);



the bot produced a corrected version of the code: 

“public class SumOfNumbers1


  Public station viod main(String args[])


    Int n1 =225, n2 = 115,sum;

    Sum = n1 + n2;

    Syste.out,printIn(The sum of numbers is: “+sum)



Further, it also provided an explanation of the changes made. With the deployment of ChatGPT, developers and software companies can soon see an automated debugging process.

Unlock Difficult Questions

Applications like google, Alexa, and Siri provide results to questions submitted by users. However, when it comes to complex questions or sentences, all the existing chatbots or search engines fail to answer that. This is because they take each term and just return results that contain that search term. As a result, one can find themselves getting ambiguous results. In contrast, ChatGPT is an apt tool for giving answers to complex concepts. The reason why this is so intelligent is that it knows the context behind the question. This can especially be an excellent tool in the patent process; for instance, a patent attorney can search complex processes or methods used in the invention, which was otherwise difficult to get from a google search. This is the reason why ChatGpt is considered a ‘Google Killer’.

Application in Healthcare

An entity can use ChatGPT in the AI therapy app and help the end user reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression of individuals. The ChatGPT application can be well designed and implemented to answer at a high therapy standard. ChatGPT implements a supervised and reinforcement learning technique that gives a highly accurate understanding of the context of the input. With easily accessible, it can revolutionize mental healthcare. Further, individuals can seek help from ChatGPT in planning their daily diet. Through this, one can plan their own meals while conveying the preferences and dietary requirements. 


The ChatGPT is still in its early stage; its application is yet to unearth. The ChatGPT application is free to use, so anyone can use it without charge. With its heavy deployment, there are companies in a way to implement services to their business resources. However, the company, OpenAI, is planning to monetize the services provided by ChatGPT

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