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Patent Monitoring 

Patent monitoring is an important task in the field of intellectual property rights. It is a process that enables you to monitor the patent status of your invention or innovation. Patent monitoring helps you know whether there are any patents filed for your product or not. The main advantage of patent monitoring is that it will help you find the best way to protect your invention before someone else does it first.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of patent monitoring, patent monitoring tool, patent monitoring systems, types of patent monitoring that should be monitored, and how they can be used effectively for protection against infringers or competitors, etc.

Patent monitoring system

A patent monitoring system is software that helps you to track your competitors. It will help you find out the patent related to your product so that you can avoid any infringement and save yourself from legal issues later on.

Patent monitoring is a very important task in the field of intellectual property rights. It helps you keep track of your competitors, stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, protect your intellectual property, and stay competitive.

Patent monitoring allows you to see what other companies are doing or plan on doing with their patents so that you can be one step ahead of them. This will allow you to stay on top of things before they happen rather than being surprised by them after they have already been done by someone else!

Patent monitoring tools

Patent monitoring tools are available for free and can be accessed on the cloud. They can also be accessed from any device, including mobile phones and tablets.

Advantages of patent monitoring 

Patent monitoring is an important part of your patent strategy. It can help you identify the patents that are relevant to your products, find out who owns those patents and whether or not they might be interested in licensing them, and also spot potential infringement by competitors. Below are 5 advantages of patent monitoring

Awareness of market requirements

Patent monitoring is performed to understand the marketing strategies of the leading companies in a specific technical area. Once you are aware of their know-how or the area where these companies are lagging, you can compare and analyze your strategy as per the market and grow your name by improving on those weaker areas.

Identification of infringement 

Patent monitoring helps you identify whether your technology is infringing on another’s technology or not. This will save you unnecessary costs in future infringement cases. Moreover, this would help you modify your invention in a way to protect it from infringement.

Opens up new potential areas for growth

By monitoring the weaker areas of the leading companies, you can work on those weaker areas to create a name on their lagging grounds. So, patent monitoring helps to find new growth opportunities and develop new technologies that haven’t even been found yet.

Maintaining a competitive edge

Monitoring your competitor’s patent applications helps you to know the competitor’s business tactics and compare and analyze your technology. Further, you can modify your innovation according to the market need, this will provide you with a competitive business advantage.

Knowing new players in a specific technical field 

Patent monitoring helps you know the new players or entrants in your area of technical expertise. This would help you know your competitors before they even become visible on the market. 

Types of patent monitoring 

Patent monitoring can be done in different ways. It can be done by searching the patent database or trademark database. It is also possible to search the trademark database, which is a combination of both databases. The following are 4 types of patent monitoring: 

Applicant Monitoring

This helps monitor an assignee or applicant or competitor in your area of technical expertise. The search is performed using search parameters such as assigned name, inventor name, and the like. 

Patent application monitoring

This helps monitor patent applications with subject matter related to your area of technical expertise and analyze the legal status of such applications. This is performed using search parameters such as bibliographic data including abstract, claim, relevant dates, applicant’s name, and the like.

Monitoring technological field

This helps monitor the new technologies/innovations in your area of technical expertise. This is performed using keywords or search strings in various databases.

Every patent monitoring is customizable. Various commercial databases are used to optimize the information and present it effectively.

Search reports of patent monitoring

Search Reports are based on search strategies for patent monitoring including areas of technical expertise, competitors, specific inventors, status, or progress of patent applications.


In conclusion, patent monitoring is an important part of the intellectual property rights process. It helps you to keep track of your competitors’ patents so that they don’t infringe upon yours. This allows you to stay competitive in the marketplace and make sure that your business stays protected from potential lawsuits or other legal issues related to patent infringement.

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