What is Art Law?

Art Law covers legal issues and developments that impact the Art industry.

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The law is applied from the perspective of Artists, Dealers, Galleries, Auction Agencies etc.

Art Law Practice includes working on transactions governing art consignments between Artist and Gallery, Artist and Dealer, Artists and Vendors, and so on.

From custom contracts to common law issues, it is an interesting and upcoming practice area worldwide with the introduction of digital art avenues.

Understanding Laws in the Sphere of Technology

Whenever clients face an issue of applying conventionally framed laws to the evolving landscape of new technologies, dissecting the issue to the basic fragments can be helpful.

technology lawyer

Here are few examples:

1. Facial Recognition – using this technology in an organization can provide effective. However, this technology learns from the data set, i.e. using a database of images. So, if that database contains majority of images of male employees, or a particular ethnicity, the technology tool will not be able to recognize women and minorities effectively. Therefore, although unintentional, this will create a bias and the onus will directly fall on the management to ensure such scenarios are avoided.

2. Remote Working – this is bound to increase multifold in near future and companies cannot shy away from their legal obligations. Meeting room discussions are now happening online, and just like that companies have security guards at office premise, a reception to document visitors and record their identification via documents and biometrics, the same practices are required to be enforced digitally. So just like any incident in physical office that would make the workplace unsafe for employees, any situation occurring online during online meetings (including webinars) would be the sole responsibility of the management.