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Our services cover technology sectors including Advanced Electronics (Enterprise IoT – Internet of Things), Automotive Semiconductors, Healthcare, High Tech (Blockchain, cybersecurity, connected homes), Digital Media, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals & Private Equity.

Innovative products and solutions are inherited from intellectual property whereby strategic systems are created for maturing ideas into business growth. Individual inventors, startups, SMEs, universities, research organizations and corporations invest significant resources into research and development to tackle challenges associated with innovations. We curate, analyze, and provide actionable insights for stakeholders to create valuable intellectual property rights in the form of patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs and trade secrets.

New product development is key focus area that requires strategic R&D efforts to imbibe innovation in a company’s culture. We provide thorough reviews of product development processes based in insights generated from corporate success and failure.

Our research reports provide in-depth diagnosis of company’s strengths and weaknesses detailing out appropriate measures required to improve innovation efficiency by focusing on valuable intangible assets in sync with the latest market research trends.

We focus on Technology, IP and Patent Due Diligence due review client’s existing portfolio, investments and product pipelines. This covers cost of research projects, new product launch strategy, patent licensing and revenue goals, market entry strategies within Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe, UK and US. Our solutions enable via ideation, intellectual property research (patent searches) and patent portfolio development with a view to launch innovative products and solutions in market.

Rahul Dev – Profile

Patent attorney and Intellectual Property lawyer with 15+ years of experience in

Software, Electronics, Medical Technology, Internet of Things and Digital Innovations in international markets (US, Europe, Asia Pacific and MENA region)

International speaker for events in Asia and Europe with global publications

Licensed to appear before Indian Courts (since 2010) and Patent Office (since 2007)


  • Set up and managed operations of IP consulting company in Singapore
  • Worked with top most corporate law firm in India
  • Set up and managed Patent Licensing and Research team for US headquartered cloud based pharma big data analytics solution provider in Healthcare
  • Worked as an associate with US patent law firm based in Fort Lauderdale Florida and New Jersey
  • Appeared and argued litigation matters before Delhi High Court and District Courts
  • Strong experience in working with startups and early stage technology companies during venture financing rounds
  • Certified Mediator and Negotiator for Civil and Commercial Disputes
  • Provided crucial litigation support for patent infringement lawsuits in US involving Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Virtual Reality and Digital Tech